Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Finally, the moment is here. Narain Karthikeyan has made into the elite ranks of Formula One racing. It is a tribute not just to his racing skills but to his self-belief and perseverance. I don't think it would have any such dramatic impact on the sport of racing in the country. It is a sport that has few fans except in the urban centres. Moreover, there is not much of racing tradition in the country.It is people like the late Karivardhan, Vicky Chandhok and now Karthikeyan and the younger Chandhok have been at the forefront of racing.

Thankfully or mercifully there are no people like KPS Gill, Priyadarshan Dasmunshi, Kalmadi or even a Sunil Dutt to take the credit for Karthikeyan being sigend by Jordan. It would be a great favour on the sports fans of the country to leave racing out of the ambit of the government-bureacrat-politican axis.

On behalf of the entire country I congratulate Karthikeyan on this fantastic achievement. The lights have already gone out to signal the start of a great race.


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