Sunday, May 21, 2006


Greg Chappell has been in the news ever since he was appointed the coach of the Indian team. The spat with Saurav and the subsequent events have been well documented. A supposed injury caused the Aussie to show a particular finger. It is also well publicized the desire of Chappell to make India the second best team in the world. The wins over Sri Lanka, England and Pakistan, especially in the limited overs game has enhanced the reputation of Chappell. A lot of coverage has been given in the press about the ‘processes’ and ‘experiments’ that contributed to the success. However, the same could not help India save test matches, one in Pakistan and one in India.

I was going through an interview that Chappell gave to Rohit Brijnath in Sportstar (May 20, 2006). Chappell believes that India has to get good results in test matches by 2006. In case, India is not able to achieve this objective, then in Chappell’s words “ we’ve got wrong people”. When persisted with the question, Chappell says “ at the end of the day the players have got to play. It could be a reflection on the selectors, it could be a reflection on the system in India that produces cricketers, it could be a reflection on a lot of people”.

Chappell, who has earned the reputation of being honest and candid, does not think anything about the role of the coach. If the players have to play and the selectors have to do their jobs, then what is the coach going to do? In that case, it is not justified to employ someone who does not want to be accountable.

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