Monday, July 10, 2006


As expected, Roger Federer won his fourth Wimbledon in a row with a four set win over Nadal. Nadal took time to warm up to the occasion while Federer was in no mood to give anything to his opponent. The world number 1 from Switzerland won the first set 6-0 and few would have given Nadal any chance to come back into the match. Proving that he is not like other clay court specialists, Nadal took the next two sets to tiebreaks, winning the third and taking the match to a fourth set.

History was very much against Nadal. It was in 1927 that Henri Cochet- a part of the legendary ‘Four Musketeers from France’ won the trophy after losing the first two sets. We have to go even further into the past to find a player winning after losing the first set 6-0.

Federer won the fourth set and with it the championship. Federer failed to match the 1976 achievement of Bjorn Borg when the Swede won the event without dropping a set. However, with this win, Federer has now joined Borg and Sampras in winning four finals in a row.

Both Federer and Nadal played good tennis but there is every indication that grass court tennis is a dying art.

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