Thursday, September 11, 2008


In recent times, I have found cricketers not appealing in the way it is meant to be. I was watching a match involving two county teams of England on the television. The wicketkeeper and the bowler appealed. What is surprising is that it was not the 'how is that' appeal. Rather, it was something that sounded like 'hee ya'. Now what to make of that sort of an appeal?

The Aussies have taken the appealing to a different level. Shane Warne was extremely aggressive and many umpires were in a way felt pressurised to give decisions in favour of the bowler when replays showed a different picture. Symonds with his huge frame looks like giving a hearty growl to the umpire in the name of appealing.

It does not matter that the game of cricket has witnessed many changes over the decades. But this is something I am not in agreement with as more players have dropped the habit of asking 'how is that'.

Knowing the ICC, a time may come when some rules can be changed to accommodate the new way of appealing.

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