Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The Indian team just managed to win the first one dayer at Jaipur after having the Proteas down and out.The lack of bite in the Indian bowling allowed Steyn and Parnell to take their team alarmingly close to the target.

The second match of the series is going to be played at Gwalior and the curator is not ashamed to call his creation a 'graveyard for the bowlers'.In this scenario, the lack of penetration in the Indian bowling is a cause for concern.It is not everyday that the rival batsmen fail to score.It is difficult to imagine Ravindra Jadeja becoming the saviour of his team in every match.With a big question mark on the fitness of Sehwag, there is a greater need for the bowlers of the home team to take the initiative.

Even in the one day situation where people mostly pay for the runs, there has to be some place for the bowlers.

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