Tuesday, September 13, 2005



The Ashes have been reclaimed by England and it may mark the beginning of the end of the Aussie dominance over world cricket. With stalwarts like Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath certainly on their last tour and people like Gillespie and Kasprowicz being on the way out, it is hard to think of replacements. Make no mistake, England can never even think of taking away the mantle of 'world's best'. They have to beat all sides under all conditions to emulate the Aussies or the Windies of an earlier era.

Despite rain, the fifth test was eventful till the last. The English managed to upstage their rivals, although Kevin Pietersen has to thank his stars for the dropped chances. It was ironical that the man who gave his everything to keep the Aussie flag flying, Warne dropped a sitter. This is what makes cricket, for that matter any sport, a cruel business. Just a night before, Agassi was outlasted. There were no fairy tale ending for the men in the baggy green.

As expected, Warne and Flintoff were the 'Men of the Series' and many would have felt happy if the Compton and Miller trophy was also shared by the same two. It is not to belittle the efforts of Flintoff who gave a dream performance. He remarked during the presentation ceremony that it(the Ashes victory) was all yet to sink in. Flintoff has mellowed down since his shirt removal days at Mumbai.

For few days the English and their supporters will enjoy their moment under the sun. Who can complain?


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