Sunday, December 18, 2005


As expected, Wasim Jaffer, the new hope of Indian cricket was made to sit on the bench. The team management or the think-tank need to be congratulated for their courage in making the Mumbai opener warm up the bench, especially in the aftermath of his controversial selection.

Coming to the test match at Ahmedabad, the Indians were in a deep hole, thanks to some lackadaisical batting, including from one Sachin Tendulkar. Gambhir did not deserve the extended run given his repeated failures. With this kind of scores behind him, it is scary to think of the team against the likes of Pakistan and England. The captain for this match, Sehwag is carrying his natural game a little too far in the interests of the team. Yuvraj is not known for his ability to play spin and this showed today. Kaif was not at all comfortable after the long lay-off from test cricket.

Laxman has done it again when more heralded batsmen bit the dust at Motera. There were some streaky shots interspersed with the trademark away from the body that guided the ball beyond the balls. In the morning I read somewhere about the knocks played by Laxman in low scoring innings. Dhoni seemed unfazed by the spin and went to play some meaty shots. Irfan Pathan has really shown wisdom beyond his years. Laxman and Pathan have to stay at the wicket long enough on the second day to dent the hopes of the Lankans.

My congratulations to Anil Kumble on achieving the landmark of 100 tests. Here is one cricketer who has always stuck to his job even when he was dropped unceremoniously. He was made to miss the World Cup and there were no protests in Bangalore.


unsui said...

Jaffer has just walked the walk of few of his illustrious team-mates from Mumbai,a name that comes to my mind is that of Raju Kulkarni a bowler in late 80's ,he used to be in full form in Ranaji,used to get regular India call,used to report India Bench while the Mumbai attack minus Kulkarni used to to be clobbered by Raman Lamba & Delhi threw Mumbai out of Ranaji contention ;-). Surprising move was Indian team management simultaneously left Kartik to perform duties for Railways in their 'important' tie against Mumbai
Which gives a notion that Jaffer selection has more than what meets to eye.

Reminds me of troubles the poms used to have some years back when the respective counties didn't release their players for national duties for home games,without an assurance that the player will make it to playing eleven ( in some cases didn't release the player as it was conflicting with their county interest) the current coach and Mr Graveney had to do a lots of convincing this Summer during the ashes campaign.and the county management acted as if they were doing supreme sacrifice by not summoning the English players to do their county duties in the break between the games.

I think time has come for Indian state teams to implement same policies for their players doing India duty in home series. and ensure that the defaulter player loses his local teams membership and registration ( that is of one exists)

SAI MADHAV said...

Thanks unsui for the comments. What is all intriguing about the exclusion of Ganguly is the fact that Wasim Jaffer was made to sit on the bench despite the coach asserting his compactness. As far as the domestic teams not releasing their players for national duty, it is something that most top footballing nations face, everytime an important match clashes with a top club game.

Now most of the top players of the Indian cricket team report for state duty even when there is no international call.