Saturday, January 27, 2007


The men’s final of the Australian Open 2007 features Roger Federer and Fernando Gonzalez. The two men reached the finals after annihilating their opponents. Federer did not look that convincing until the semifinals. Andy Roddick beat the Swiss World number 1 in the event preceding the first Grand Slam of the year. This made the American a real contender for the top prize. He also looked the part until he ran into the ‘Federer Express’.

I also believe that Federer keeps the best for the top players but even by his lofty standards the semifinals was simply awesome. Roddick was handed out a tennis master class. Federer won 10 games in a row and in the process, took a set to love. Some of the shots were out of the world. He defied all principles of physics and geometry and made the ball obey his racquet. One shot in the first set took the beating. Federer was on the move and Roddick made a shot that looked like a winner but the champion took the ball on the half volley and took the breath away. In each of the three sets, Roddick was broken in the first game.

Federer looked supremely confident of his abilities and his instincts. He challenged the rulings and every time Federer was proved correct.

The other finalist is the Chilean, Gonzalez who pulverized the German, Tommy Haas. The Chilean also looked awesome in the previous rounds when he disposed off the likes of Rafael Nadal.

It remains to be seen whether the cool Swiss overcomes the Chilean or the red hot Chile melts away the ice.

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