Tuesday, January 16, 2007


The ICC match referee Chris Broad rightly handed out a two-test suspension to Herschelle Gibbs of South Africa. The South African player was heard making some remarks on the Pakistani players that were deemed ‘racial’. The ICC in its Code of Conduct makes it clear that:

“Players and/or team officials shall not verbally abuse, assault, intimidate or attempt to assault or intimidate any umpire, spectator, referee, player or team official. Nor shall any player or team official engage in any conduct towards or speak to any other player, umpire, spectator, referee or team official in a manner which offends, insults, humiliates, intimidates, disparages or vilifies the other person on the basis of that person’s race, religion, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin”.

Gibbs has decided to appeal on the grounds that the remarks were not meant for public consumption but only for his teammates. Further, he was provoked by a section of the crowd into making such a statement.

The cake in this whole issue should go to the coach of the South African team who believes that the stump microphones are the reason for Gibbs getting caught.

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