Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Sachin has scored a lot of hundreds and in different venues against all kinds of opposition. But a hundred has eluded him at Lords’. The master looked good in the first innings but a small score was the outcome. The second innings was expected to provide a special innings from Sachin.

India was chasing a rather tall order and Sachin was, on all counts playing his last test innings at Lords’. A well driven four on the off-side was followed by a defensive prod and the next ball Monty Panesar had him leg before the wicket in the second innings.

The latest dismissal is again going to spark a debate over the ability of Sachin to play left arm spinners. It is interesting to note that Sachin was also the first test match victim for Panesar.

Sunil Gavaskar could not score a test match at Lords’. It was only in 1988 that the Little Master scored 188 in the Bicentennial test between MCC XI and World XI. Now Sachin has to wait for a similar chance to correct the record.

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