Tuesday, July 24, 2007


The first test was saved thanks to the rain and some gutsy display from two wicket keepers, Karthick and Dhoni. But did the team management err in packing the side with so many batsmen?

Dinesh Karthick has put up a commendable show in the opening slot. Dhoni looked out of place in the first innings when he guided a ball into the hands of a fielder. In the second innings also, Dhoni did not inspire much confidence with the paddle sweeps and streaky shots past the slips. But he did stay at the wicket long enough to help India’s cause.

It can be argued that Dhoni and Karthick were crucial to India’s chances in the test match at Lords’. But one of them needs to be dropped to make way for an additional bowler. It is of course, difficult to dislodge a batsman of the class of Kevin Pietersen when in full flow. It helps to have another option when one bowler is out of depths. In the second innings, Sreesanth did not cover himself in any glory.

I am of the firm belief that Dhoni should be picked only for the one-dayers and for the test matches Karthick is the first choice. If the test matches are played on home wickets with no bounce or seam movement, then it is wise to have Dhoni in the playing eleven.

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