Saturday, July 23, 2005


The first two days of the first test of the Ashes have been very interesting with both sides landing and taking blows. The Aussies appeared to have been pushed to the wall with most of them smarting from the bruises to the body and most importantly to the ego. But the new found confidence of Flintoff and company was shortlived though, with McGrath renewing his liking for the slope and the air at the Lords'. In a matter of few overs, the English top order was back in the pavilion. In the second innings the Aussies showed their fighting spirit with Ponting, Martyn and Clarke making runs. Langer attempted an impossible single and the new 'English' hero Pietersen found the target. John Buchanan needs to have a go at Hayden. This is not the Zimbabwean bowling to let him score runs. Clarke distinguished himself with a sparkling knock and Martyn just let his reputation to grow. All the batsmen were beaten time and again by the bowlers but this was a better day for the batsmen. In the morning session, the English total was extended thanks to the blows of Pietersen. Jones also scored a couple of boundaries. Shane Warne got the wicket of Pietersen after being hit over the boundary. The English have to do something extraordinary to save the match from this point. With Katich at the crease, the Aussies would hope to put the match beyond the English. Has the contest petered out to a one-sided one or will any Englishman prove me wrong.


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With experts saying that the current English team has the potential to beat the Aussies, I hope a good contest between the two sides. Even though it seems as if its going to be yet another Aussies victory, I feel this match will go into the final day with a nail biting finish. Whatever be the result cricket fans across the globe wish to see a tough competetion.


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