Monday, July 04, 2005



It was more of a display of a great show of a genius rather than a contest. It reminded me of the knockouts that Mike Tyson gave his opponents in his younger days. But here there were no bruises to the body. I am talking about the win of Roger Federer over Andy Roddick. There is no doubting the talent of the American but at this moment, he has to come only the second best. For three years in the running, he has been beaten by the same man who has went on to win the Championship.

Any thought of a good contest were wiped out early with the Swiss making the ball do the bidding for him. The tie-breaker in the second set was only an aberration as he was back in command in the third set. Federer is making Wimbledon seemingly devoid of any thrilling contests!I have this feeling that Federer reserves his best for the latter stages and for more famous opponents. Especially, when it comes to people like Hewitt, Roddick or Agassi.

If he continues to play in the same vein, then Federer can win the Wimbledon crown for many years to come. That is sure if the tennis authorities don't change the rules as did the Formula-1 people did to prevent one man from dominating the sport.


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