Wednesday, July 27, 2005


The latest bit of speculation relating to the Indian cricket team in Sri Lanka is the possibility of VVS Laxman partnering Sehwag at the top of the order. There is nothing wrong with such experiments but Laxman is not the guinea pig. Everytime there are one-dayers, there is a lot of talk about the inclusion or rather the non-inclusion of Laxman. I feel that he is too good a player with a proven record to be left out of the team.

I make a strong case for Laxman to be made a regular fixture in the one-day squads even when Sachin and Saurav are available. Let us not forget the knocks that he played in the VB Series on the last tour to Australia and also in Pakistan when the series was even.

I think Yuvraj is not the player he is made out to be. One good innings is sandwiched between numerous failures. His fielding is not a scratch when compared with the best. He sometimes gives the impression of making unnecessary dives when faced with simple catches. His bowling is not even of a club level variety. Far more deserving is the case of Mohammed Kaif who has always revelled in crunch situations be it the one-dayers or the test matches. He is someone who is most unsure of his batting position as the team management is very keen to accommodate Yuvraj. These days Yuvraj is far more preoccupied with matters outside cricket.

Laxman has the right to feel hurt over his omission from the world cup team of 2003. I have nothing against Dinesh Mongia but it was sad. Laxman should be given the position he likes the most and not being forced to open. Laxman has never failed to mention his disappointment on being asked to open in the test matches. The team man that he is, Laxman never shies away from doing something even if it does not suit him.

If there is anything that caused me pain over Saurav Ganguly's captaincy is the injustice meted out to Laxman and Anil Kumble. They have managed to overcome their frustrations with splendid performances and prove their detractors wrong.

The plea for the inclusion of Laxman arises not because I share two parts of my name with him and also not because we speak the language, but because he is a good player.


Blogger geekgod said...

What I feel rather than debate the inclusions of any particular player the Indian team needs to figure out a 5th bowler. What 5 batsmen cant do the 6th wont be able to do. I agree with this article article . India needs to look at a fifth bowler, probably we could have won the first match with the Lankans had we had a sepcialist fifth bowler.

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