Friday, November 18, 2005


The Indian cricket fan is very demanding and sometimes this borders on absurdity. It is good to support the team and adulate the players but not at the cost of logic.

I have in mind a letter written to the editor of an English daily after the heroics of the latest Indian batting star, Dhoni. The reader was expressing his displeasure at the Sri Lankans not being able to put up a total that would have given the chance to Dhoni to break the record for the highest individual score in one-dayers held by Saeed Anwar! For the record, Anwar made 194 in Chennai.

would it have mattered if the record belonged to a batsman not hailing from Pakistan? After all, a player of the past, B.B.Nimbalkar was denied the opportunity to go past the then highest score in first class cricket. The fielding captain did not want to be irreverent to the record holder, Don Bradman.


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