Tuesday, November 01, 2005


It was a splendid gift on the eve of the festival lights. Dhoni really set the stadium ablaze with his brand of pyrotechnics. It was the day of the wicketkeeper batsmen with Kumara Sangakkara coming good with a terrific knock earlier in the day when Sri Lanka batted. It really puzzles me when the Lankan was dropped in favour of the South African in the ill advised 6 day super test at Sydney.

Whether Dhoni’s secret is milk or anything else, his hits really stay hit. Even Sehwag also looked pedestrian in comparison. If Sangakkara was classy in his methods, then Dhoni was all power, but is not slogging. If anything, it was flogging of the Sri Lankans.

Sachin failed and it showed that he is after all a human. Yuvraj, once again showed his fallibility against spin.

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