Monday, November 07, 2005


As expected, the Indian thinktank carried out the ‘experiment’ but the ‘processes’ backfired and the Sri Lankans got back to their winning ways. There is nothing wrong to try out the youngsters but there is nothing wrong either in having the winning side. A couple of years back it is the ‘rotation policy’ that undid the mighty Australians in a triangular one-day tournament that also featured the South Africans and the Kiwis. If I remember correctly, the great Steve Waugh lost his one-day place thereafter.

The policy of tinkering with the selection of the team and the rest given to the likes of Sachin is unjustified to say the least. Sachin was out of the game for the best part of a season and is in need of more outings. Harbhajan seems to have discovered his bowling rhythm, at least on home turf and a spinner needs more overs in the middle. Pathan is a young man who can surely be expected to take the load. If anyone has to be ‘dropped’, then it is Yuvraj.

The wiseheads have decided to bring back Kaif and Singh. Kaif is someone who deserves his place on purely cricketing reasons. Have the selectors been convinced of the abilities of Venugoal Rao to the extent that he is given the rest? Kumble was given the rest in recent times for the one-dayers. ‘Rest’ is something akin to being dropped as far as things in Indian cricket go.

Not sounding like Sidhu, I like to add that too much tinkering makes the vessel weak though the noise is there.

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