Thursday, February 02, 2006


Greg Chappell has the knack of showing his finger. The first time it was in Kolkata that was attributed to some kind of injury. Now the Aussie has pointed, not shown , his finger at the bowling action of Shoaib Akhtar. This comes at a bad time after India were trashed comprehensively in the Karachi test match.

That Akhtar is chucking is something that is visible to everyone. But the ICC and the wise men who make the laws relating to the game of cricket have allowed this type of chucking to take place in the name of 15 degrees. When the ICC and the Umpires have no objection to the action of Akhtar, there is very little that Chappell can achieve.

If Chappell wanted to achieve something good for the game in the long run, he should have highlighted the case much before the tour to Pakistan. The chucking controversy does not start and end with Akhtar.

With the kind of performance in Karachi, fingers are sure to be pointed at Chappell, even when the fingers do not require any medical attention

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Rishi Gajria said...

Absolutely agree. Shoaib chucks rather cleverly. The arm is straight then bends and straightens again. The bending seems to take place besides the umpire and the straightening in front of him.
I dont agree with the law concerning chucking. I think it is antiquated and belongs in another time.
While I agree with the fact that Shoaib throws the ball, I dont think much is wrong with flexing your elbow.