Thursday, February 09, 2006


The South Africans lost three matches too miss out the finals of the VB Series. They had to win just one to go to the finals. But it was Sri Lanka who are going to meet the host Australia in the finals.

Nothing went right for the Proteas despite all the big talk from the likes of their coach and captain. A few months back, the same captain was praised by the Indian media for his batting as well as his tactical acumen. Now, Smith proved to be a big failure on both the counts. There was a suggestion that the absence of players like Kallis and Nel was a big blow to the fortunes on the tour to down under. Kallis, though he has the statistics to boast, has never looked to win matches in the shorter version of the game. Nel is a good bowler, though makes most of his emotional quotient on the field to terrify his opponents. At best, he is lively bowler in the test matches.

Gibbs has the skills but did not show any application to threaten the rival teams. The best South African batsman was the wicketkeeper Mark Boucher. It came as a surprise when Boucher was not included in the team to India. The rest are just not upto the scratch when it comes to take the likes of Australia.

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