Wednesday, June 21, 2006


New material has been added to the Ganguly saga. It is surprising that the former Indian captain has decided to challenge Jagmohan Dalmiya for the control of the Cricket Association of Bengal. Ganguly has received the backing of the government of West Bengal. Politics, for sure, makes strange bedfellows.

Is this the Ganguly way of distancing himself from the Dalmiya ? Does Ganguly think that his ouster from the Indian team is not due to poor form but because of the changes in the power equation ? Has Sharad Pawar given any indication that such a move would clear the way for the rehabilitation of the left hander ? Or has Ganguly decided to finally hang his cricketing boots and take to cricket politics in a big way, in the time honoured Indian way ? That would mean taking the ultimate revenge on his ‘enemies’.

In any case, there are only questions, no answers.

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Joyeeta said...

I will give answer to all your questions in one sentence: "You do not stay in water and fight with a crocodile...Similarly you do not meddle with the Left Front when you are residing in West Bengal".
You know the candidate against Dalmiya was from Kolkata Police and was supported by CM. You think it is easy for Ganguly to say "No" to them when they ask for endorsements? The fact that Dalmiya, a person who never forgives his enemies, brushed the whole issue aside just by calling Ganguly a child even more proves that he is aware of the pressure on Sourav.

What remains to be seen is whether the CPI(M) party in West Bengal will really have a drift in its top brass after this entire episode. I rad an interseting article on this here: