Friday, June 16, 2006




Argentina put up an awesome display to demolish Serbia and Montenegro. It was not that the team from the Balkans is ordinary. S&M, in fact, topped the European qualifying group that also included Spain. The final scoreline of 6-0 in favour of the Argentines would suggest otherwise.

The quality of the football on show from Riquelme, Crespo, Tevez and others was simply superb. Lionel Messi made and entry well into the second half and he made a great impact. He scored one goal and made another.

At times, Argentina was toying with the opponent team. A greater number of goals looked a possibility the way the South Americans went about their task.

The quality that separates the Argentines from Brazil’s Samba boys is the strong defensive game alongwith the touch that is so typical of South America. With today’s show, Argentina has simply reinforced the belief that it can go all the distance.

But the ultimate question is whether the Argentines have peaked a little too early. Of course, there is no cause for complaint as the other favourite teams have so far put up very ordinary displays.

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