Wednesday, June 21, 2006


India lost a great chance to win the first two test matches of the series. It is time that India finally does enough to win the elusive test match abroad. The team management is short of ideas, that is, those based on reason. The much-touted five bowler strategy was simply tossed into the seas. For a coach and a captain who are supposedly not defensive, this one is certainly not an attacking strategy.

Whatever do people like Ian Bishop say, it is time that V.R.V. Singh is removed from the playing eleven. Here is a ‘fast’ bowler who looks and bowls like a veteran of more than 100 test matches. His walk back to the bowling mark is something that takes the cake. His disinterested walk is not something that is cool for a fast bowler. Pathan continues to surprise with his lack of pace and imagination. Sreesanth is only fury without being able to subdue the batsmen.

Of the bowlers, Kumble and Munaf looked the part, while Sehwag is the surprise packet. The fielding, especially, the close-in ones do not inspire much confidence. This is astonishing considering the credentials of Greg Chappell as a catcher of repute in the slips.

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