Sunday, October 08, 2006



Predictably, the ICC has taken actions that are at best ridiculous. If the Pakistan team was not guilty of ball tampering, then action ought to have been taken against the umpires, Darrell Hair and Billy Doctrove. If Inzamam was slapped with a suspension for bringing the game into disrepute, the umpires also were as much guilty. Ranjan Madugalle did not find anything incorrect with the decision of the umpires when there was no evidence of ball tampering.

The ICC decided not to have Hair and Doctrove for any of the matches in the ongoing Champions Trophy. This leaves one question unanswered, how does Mike Procter, continue to act as the Match Referee? Procter was the man-in-charge at the Oval when the whole incident took place.Procter could have done much to diffuse the situation.

Everything speaks of the double standards. Procter is from South Africa and the ICC chief is also from that country. Hair is from Australia and Madugalle is from Sri Lanka. Thus, poor Billy Doctrove was made a scapegoat.

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