Monday, October 30, 2006


India lost yet another match to Australia and that is not a surprise. Not many genuine followers of the Indian cricket team expected a result in favour of the home team. Those who did were banking on a miracle that did not materialize. In desperation, many television channels had astrologers, numerologists and tarot card readers as guests. The numbers and the cards and the symbols ultimately did not make India win the match. The more devout were shown offering prayers that the Gods also did not heed.

At home my father wished well for the Indian team while I went for Australia. But my mother supported Australia since my younger brother is currently in the land down under.

But there was unanimity about the performance of a certain Sachin Tendulkar. He looked assured but the contribution was a mere 10 runs off 26 balls. Sachin was once again dismissed by the McGrath-Gilchrist combination. This is the 7th time that Sachin fell to McGrath. Gilchrist pouched a knick off the bat of Sachin for the 8th time. Believe me, that ended any hope of a real match. The statistics are telling.

Sachin has so far scored 7 centuries against Australia and India could win 6 matches. As far as the 50s are concerned, Sachin has scored 11 versus Australia and India has won 3 matches. When Sachin has been dismissed for a score of less than 50, India could win only 6 matches. It is really frustrating to see the great batsman failing again in a crucial encounter.

Sehwag and Dravid made half-centuries that are only statistically relevant. Raina and Kaif scratched at the wicket. Dinesh Mongia is simply not upto the international class. In the bowling department, not a single bowler looked like getting a wicket. But Australia managed to lose 4 wickets.

Ponting, Watson and Martyn made 50s and Martyn extended his good run on the Indian wickets. Ponting was given some batting practice and he came good. The score that the Aussies required to chase was not challenging enough and so there were not many shots that demanded attention. The run chase was as professional as one would expect from the Aussies.

After the match ended, a filmstar hollered the punchline of a softdrink in support of the Indian team. The poor show of the Indian team surely has given the ‘blues’ to the fans.

Does anyone really give a damn to cricket fans of this country? It is time for changes and they should start at the top right from the coach.

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