Thursday, October 26, 2006


Michael Schumacher failed to win the last two races of the season and so failed to win his 8th driver’s title in F1. Frankly, did Schumi needed to win at all to establish his credentials as the best F1 racedriver of all time?

I know nothing about the working of a car leave alone that of a F1 car. I also know nothing of a F1 racetrack and its nuances. But I am a fan of Schumacher. The grit and determination of the German on the track is something that all sportspersons and sports fans should be aware of. As long as the German was in the car, the race was not over for the other drivers. Forget the criticism.

Schumacher was so dominating that F1 was in danger of becoming a one driver show. That is when the bosses decided to tinker with the rules and new champions like Fernando Alonso could emerge. Is this possible to change the rules of Golf when Tiger Woods wins every event? Michael Jordan could not force changes the NBA during his heydays. That shows the domination of Schumacher.

Schumi called it a day when he was almost on the top. That is perfect timing needed to win the race.

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pamthree said...

schumi is no doubt a great driver. but he drove a ferrari and they were so dominant that the rules were changed.
no matter how good a driver u are without a fast car u can't become a formula 1 champion.