Friday, August 12, 2005


The first day of the third test belonged to Michael Vaughan. He managed to push Shane Warne into the background. That is no mean task when the Aussie got his 600th wicket in test cricket-the first man to do so.

McGrath returned to the side and Brett Lee resumed his normal service by hurling thunderbolts at the batsmen. But McGrath did not create much of an impression with the normally reliable Aussie fielders including Gilchrist had a day off. The pitch was not giving any assistance to the bowlers. That does not, however, take the credit away from the efforts of the English skipper. The victory at Edgbaston seems to have reduced much of the pressure and this showed in the shots he played. If the present form continues, the Aussies have reason to worry about with their fourth bowler-Gillespie not finding his rhythm and range.

For a change, Kevin Pietersen could not make a good score. Have the Aussies sorted him out? The rest of the series could provide us with an answer. The Lancashire faithful are to be expected to turn out in large numbers with the local hero Andrew Flintoff to come next in the batting line-up. Does Freddy have it in him to do a repeat of the last test? That could well be the deciding factor in the third test.


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