Monday, August 01, 2005


As expected, India won the second match and again Rahul Dravid had to lead the way. The others continued to disappoint. Yuvraj and Kaif showed some pluck that too against a none too experienced bowlers. The Windies managed to trouble most of the Indian batsmen. There were a lot of misses and near escapes with a lot of the defensive shots off the backfoot taking the ball precariously past the stumps. The Windies were truly let down first by the inept batting and then by the pathetic display in the fielding department.

Raina has shown some promise but it is too early to sing praises. Sehwag is still waving the bat like a magic wand that cannot cast any spell on the bowlers and the spectators. It will take some ask for the team to meet tougher opponents with such attitude. It is time the selectors took note of the lackadaisical attitude of players and showed them the exit door.

Laxman's luck is truly wretched. He does not get an opportunity to play the one-dayers and when there is an opportunity, injury defeats him.


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