Saturday, August 20, 2005


There is nothing wrong for the cricketers to make money out of their popularity. It is also not wrong for them to plan for the future once they quit the game. But now-a-days many Indian cricketers are busy making retirement plans. Is this the way of the cricketers expressing their insecurity in the wake of their non-performances.

I am talking about the restaurant of Sehwag which comes in the aftermath of a similar venture of Zaheer Khan. Of course, Tendulkar was the trend setter and Ganguly responded with his own eatery in Kolkata. Now where does it leave the other members of the Indian squad? Rahul Dravid is not expected to set up a hotel while the oldest member of the team, Kumble is also involved in other business. Harbhajan and Yuvraj might be tempted to offer Punjabi dishes while Dhoni might be successful in having a bar to offer milk and milk products.

The timing of the Sehwag venture was very curious unlike his timing on the cricket pitch these days. For a moment the media overlooked the failure and took us to the hotel. Surely, the cricketers know how to make the media play into their hands! It is time the glamour boys of Indian sport concentrate on the game.

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