Saturday, August 13, 2005


The third day of the third test promises much with England in the box seat. The Aussies have staggered at the blows inflicted by the English.With the exception of Warne, none of the other batsmen showed much inclination to stay at the wicket. Giles, who was considered by many as a non-performer showed all the guile that makes a spinner a difficult proposition.

The English total was extended thanks to good contributions by Flintoff and Geraint Jones. The wicketkeeper was under some pressure to make runs and he responded. The other Jones -Simon, continued to trouble the tourists with his incisive bowling. Hayden and Langer flattered to deceive after a good start. Ponting appears to be brought down to the earth by a combination of good bowling and the burden of captaincy. Martyn is getting the runs and so is Gilchrist.

In the past, the English gained a dubious reputation of injury prone at the start and in the middle of the Ashes. Now it is the turn of the Aussies. The wheel has turned against the Aussies.

It is interesting to speculate over the follow-on. Will the English enforce it and how shall the Aussies respond to this unfamiliar situation. Is there a possibility of any miracle here?


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