Thursday, January 19, 2006


The first test between India and Pakistan ended in a draw with the sides unable to complete two innings. This was a sort of an anticlimax coming after all the talk of preparing a greentop to make the Indian batsmen struggle. The bowlers became insignificant with most of the batsmen having a whale of time.

What I found interesting on the days leading to the test were the torrents of advice and predictions coming from the former players across the border. Imran Khan led the way with the others following suit. None wanted to be left behind in the whole exercise of psyching up the Pakistan team to take the rival. The last time round when India went on to win the series, Akram was roundly criticised for giving advice to Indian players such as Pathan. Now the leftarmer did not want to miss any photoop or otherwise to show his loyalty and patriotism. However, with the mighty stand forged by Sehwag and Dravid, everything changed and Akram talked about the presssure on the Pakistan team. Imran Khan was busy giving tips to Sami before the match and the way the bowler was ineffective, the tips were not really useful.

The saving grace from the last tour was the absence of Sidhu from the commentator box.

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