Monday, January 30, 2006


By the end of day two, the home team further strengthened their position. Having dismissed the Indian team for a low score, Pakistan scored at a rate more than 4.5 runs per over to have a lead of 180 runs with eight wickets and three days left. The openers Butt and Farhat made half centuries. Younis Khan and Mohd. Yousuf are at the wicket but the biggest threat is likely to come from Akmal, Razzaq and Afridi. With the pitch showing signs of easing up, the Indian bowlers could not pose any danger the second time round today.

Ganguly was looking good before a reckless shot caused his dismissal. Yuvraj was not too happy at the leg before decision. Replays showed how the ball hit the pad first before brushing the bat. Dhoni was not comfortable with the pace and the bounce. Pathan took advantage of the dropped chances and scored valuable runs in the company of Kumble and Zaheer. Mohd. Asif bowled well over a long spell.

Barring a miracle, there is very little chance for India to save the match let alone winning it.


Rishi Gajria said...

Andrew Miller - Battle Royale

"the current hoo-ha about Ganguly's right to retain his place is masking another, potentially more devastating decline - that of Sachin Tendulkar, who has been around for as long as Australia have held the upper hand over England, and whose appetite for the fight is arguably on the wane."

SAI MADHAV said...

Rishi-thanks. Sachin is like the legendary pole vaulter-Sergei Bubka who added one centimetre to his world record for a load of dollars. Sachin is also someone who is more obsessed with records as are his supporters. The spirit of playing fire with fire seems to have been doused off. The blow to the head seems to have numbed his senses.