Monday, January 30, 2006


The rotation policy employed by the Australians has come in for a bit of stick. Surprisingly, Steve Waugh wants it scrapped when it was during his reign as captain, it was introduced. It is true that the 'rest' given to the players is not justified in the light of the amount of cricket played by the Aussies after the Ashes.

In the entire episode, the resting of Ponting was quite ridiculous. The captain of the Australian team was not allowed to take his team out to the middle on the Australia Day. I believe this was the result of poor planning. The selectors did not want to take the blame and so Ponting was rested even for Sunday's match against Sri Lanka. Imagine the reaction if a Sachin or a Sehwag were to be rested for a match that had to be played on January 26th or August 15th. It is not possible to know the reaction in Australia sitting somewhere in India.

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