Saturday, January 28, 2006


There have been reports in the media that Saurav Ganguly could be included in the playing eleven for the third test at Karachi at the expense of Harbhajan Singh. There are two aspects to this decision. It is a surprise that Ganguly is considered inspite of the opposition from the likes of Chappell, Dungarpur and Dravid. The second relates to Harbhajan. The off-spinner has till now not much success on pitches outside India. Blame it on the pitches or on the ball, the record speaks for itself.

The thinktank have to include Ganguly in the third test. They don't want to repeat the mistake that was committed during the third test at Ahmedabad. Now with all the hot air about the green top at Karachi, there is a need to give an opportunity to Ganguly. If, he fails to deliver, then Ganguly has his cricketing fate sealed. Perhaps, this is what Pawar and company had in mind when a strong case was made for the inclusion of the former captain in the side to Pakistan.

Call me anything but there was a bitter taste in the mouth in the aftermath of the decision to have Ganguly on the bench for the second test at Faisalabad. There was very little logic to play five bowlers where even 10 bowlers would have failed. There was a one point agenda- make Ganguly sit on the bench. Chappell and Dravid are too keen to please their masters, especially when big brother, Dungarpur is present with the touring team.

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