Wednesday, June 15, 2005


This is not about the television show that was featured on Doordarshan in the eighties. It is a common belief that the law is not the same for everyone. The rich and the powerful have their own set of laws. This blog is in reference to the poaching allegations leveled against a former cricket captain of India. The whole episode has only strengthened the belief.
First, the law enforcers took time to frame the charges and also to file the FIR(first information report). Then it was a mystery with regard to the post-mortem to confirm that the animal killed indeed belonged to an endangered species. Thirdly, now the alleged perpetrators are in hiding seeking anticipatory bail. Now, the police are extending the time frame for the guilty to surrender!

In a truly filmi style, the actor son of the gentleman alleged a conspiracy. The son rebutted all claims that his father has gone into hiding.
What I find detestable is the view of an advocate that cricketers are role models and they should not break the law. It is time that we realize that they are also human beings . Wonder, if this case also goes in the same track as the Salman Khan one where there were allegations that it was a frame up. It is heartening to know that Haryana is ruled by the Congress party to which the former captain owes his allegiance to. Otherwise, this would have sparked off another round of minority oppression


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