Thursday, June 30, 2005


A great semifinal clash awaits us with Federer taking on Hewitt. I have got this feeling that the Swiss takes his game to a higher level when facing opponents like Hewitt, Roddick and Agassi. Remember the severe trashing that Federer gave to Agassi at the Australian Open earlier this year. Agassi was made to look his years. Perhaps, Federer wants to show who is the best. When it comes to other lesser known players, Federer does not display the same kind of intensity. In the other semifinal, Roddick has to face Johansson. In the quarters, Grosjean put up a tough fight with the American. The Swede can do the same.
My prediction is a Federer and Roddick repeat of the final of 2004.

It is quite open among the ladies. Venus Williams appears good after a shaky start to the championships. Sharapova has to be really good. The more tougher the shot, the shrill of her shriek gets stronger! Davenport looks to have the edge over Mauresmo on account of her experince with grand slam semis and finals.

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