Thursday, June 23, 2005


Finally, Brazil could make it to the semifinals of the Confederation Cup. After blazing away to a win over the Euro champions Greece, the samba boys were humbled by the Mexicans. There was a hard fought win over Japan.

Even when the Brazilians seemed inconsistent and lost at times, there was plenty of the familiar magic to see. In the first match, Adriano opened the proceedings with a scorcher of a goal. Robinho is truly someone who is going to make a name for himself in the future. Ronaldinho displayed his wares and went on to score a goal versus Japan. The men who were supposed to defend also seemed really anxious to put their names on the scoresheet. It is something that has proved costly in the past against fast counter attacks from the opponents.

Every time Brazil step onto the field, the expectations run very high. But the absence of players like Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos may be felt in the match versus Germany. The Germans would be thirsting for revenge after their defeat in the last edition of the World Cup. Then Germany had an inexperienced team. Now they are playing on the home turf and Jurgen Klinsmann would like to prove his doubters wrong. If Brazil contrive to lose, it would shock more than the day Bangladesh defeated Australia in a one-dayer.

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