Thursday, June 30, 2005


What a night it was. Brazil were the favourites but no one expected the samba boys to put up such a display that annihilated Argentina. Actually, it was only a few weeks ago that Argentina got the better of Brazil in a world cup qualifier to top the South American group. If I am correct, then between these two countries, it is Argentina that has the advantage in their encounters.

For me, Adriano was the player of the tournament. He started the proceedings with a goal and added a second after the break. In between Kaka and Ronaldinho added their names to the scoresheet. Kaka was somewhat lacklustre in the previous matches but in the final his was a class act. Ronaldinho was, as usual brilliant. The others like Robinho, Cicinho were all contributors to the team glory. It was only in the last ten minutes that Dida had to make a couple of good saves.

Argentina tried hard to make some impression with only Aimar managing a goal. The Brazilian strikes may have completely shocked them.

To me the rivalry between these two football superpowers is the most fierce. Looks like the Brazilians were determined to avenge their loss in the world cup qualifiers and put the record straight. Now they are the world champions in the truest sense with wins against different countries.


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