Thursday, June 23, 2005


Came across a very interesting news item. There was a mention of how a few passengers of Indian Airlines were stranded on a remote island in the Lakshadweep. The reason is that the pilot of the flight was found missing with no trace. Actually, the pilot left to join another airlines. There was no other pilot as a contingency measure.

The Civil Aviation Minister has gained reputation as a go-getter. He is certainly not averse to giving soundbites in front of the cameras. He speaks of his vision to make air travel in India comparable with the best. The other day he cautioned the airline operators not to take part in price wars as the market is not 'mature' enough. Mr. Minister, leave that part to the players. It is the market to decide as to who gets the break and who is going to break. It is time that the passengers of state owned airlines are treated properly.


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