Thursday, June 07, 2007


Sunil Gavaskar was not in favour of Greg Chappell when the Aussie was made the coach of the Indian cricket team. It was Gavaskar who was not in favour of Dav Whatmore to succeed Chappell. In the light of cricketing judgement, it is very to little to argue with Gavaskar. But in both the cases, there is one common aspect. The greatest common factor is that both Chappell and Whatmore come from Australia. Was this a factor in not considering the case of Tom Moody?

The latest from the Little Master is the invite handed to John Emburey. There is no surprise with Emburey coming from England and not Australia. Is this the latest from the quiver of arrows that Gavaskar aims the Aussies with?

Gavaskar never misses a trick to take the Aussies to task. Few forget that it was Gavaskar who brought the notice of the ICC to the sledging of the Aussie cricket team. During the World Cup of 2007, he raked up the matter once again much to the chagrin of the Aussies and the non-Aussies alike.
It is very sensible to not ape the Aussies in every aspect of cricket. But are personal biases and prejudices taking the interest of the Indian cricket team into the dustbin

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