Tuesday, June 05, 2007


The hunt for the saviour of the Indian cricket team continues. But, surprises never cease with Indian cricket.

Suddenly, the frontrunner for the post, Dav Whatmore was sidelined. Now the committee constituted to appoint the coach is to hold discussions with two more candidates. On of them is Graham Ford who previously coached South Africa.

The second one is not clear. There is speculation that either Duncan Fletcher, the former coach of England or Arjuna Ranatunga, the former captain of Sri Lanka might be involved.

There was confusion about Graham Ford. It was reported in the media that he was an applicant and then it was revealed that Ford did not apply in the first place. But Ford is invited for ‘discussions’.

Everytime we talk of success in the cricket field, we look at Australia and wonder why things are so different in India. The selection of the coach is a clear indicator why Indian cricket is different.

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Gameboys said...

Haven't been following the whole deal, but was really disappointed at Kapil's vicious comments about Whatmore. Now why is Whatmore out of the race? Here is a coach with a proven track record who is by all accounts keen to coach India and is not likely to want to be a prima donna unlike a certain someone (I think I recently saw in Greg in Melbourne). Makes him a candidate if not the automatic chioce. Apparently he's not glamorous enough for us, so we've now roped in Emburey :)

Btw, how does Cricinfo now explain SG's reported antipathy towards foreign coaches - now that they report he recommended Embers.