Sunday, June 17, 2007


I was browsing through the official website for the premier grass court tennis event and for many, the greatest tennis tournament. I found a link about Tim Henman, the perennial British favourite at SW19.

Henman is now past his prime and despite his confidence, few would give the Brit a chance at this year’s championships. Henman had all the tools that one needs to have to win on grass. The serve though not big, still was good. The volleying was crisp. But time and again, Henman could not hold the famous trophy.

This, I believe, was due to the presence of a certain player named Pete Sampras. Henman was at his best when the American was also at his best. It is sad that Henman had to contend with arguably one of the best grass court players of all time. In another era, Henman and the British could have celebrated a victory.

This may be the last year of the Henmania.

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