Sunday, June 03, 2007


It is a relief that Sharad Pawar has decided to withdraw himself from the race for the top post of the ICC. Pawar is now categorical that the post should go to a South African, since Percy Sonn who passed away recently, was also from that country. Is this out of compassion for Sonn died in the post or this a strategy to win the support of South Africa in the future?

I say relief because Pawar has shown very little of administrative acumen, either as the President of the BCCI or as the Union Agriculture Minister. The BCCI is at a loss to explain many things. Of course, the BCCI never had the reputation of being organized along professional lines or run by people with experience.

As the Union Agriculture Minister, Pawar is presiding over a ministry that does not care anything about the problem of scarcity of essential food grains. It is indeed a paradox that while the farmers on one hand are unable to realize their costs and the hapless consumer
Is forced to pay through his nose that the big retail chains on the other are claiming to sell the products at reasonable prices.

It is no achievement to lord over the ICC when the BCCI is not in order. Ever since Jagmohan Dalmiya made it to the top, every cricket administrator in India wants to go all the distance. Let us not bring the question of race or nationality here. It is simply a question of excellence.

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Gameboys said...

Pawar should be stripped down to his langots, tied to a lamp post and then Vidarbha and AP farmers can have a go at him. 'Lording' over ICC is exactly what he wants to do. Bogus columnists and shallow TV reporters then try to talk him up as if it's a question of national prestige. Only in India can these guys thrive.