Friday, June 01, 2007


The BCCI is never known to take the right decisions. But in the last couple of days, things have been utterly chaotic and at times, ludicrous.

The pull out of Nimbus from the telecast of the Afro-Asia cup was followed by the decision of Zee to not telecast the tour of Ireland and Scotland. The Board officials were assuring the people that negotiations were on and that the problems would be sorted out. EspnStar decided to telecast the Afro-Asia event and Nimbus was roped in to show us the games to played in Ireland.

In the first instance, the broadcasters offered insanely huge sums of money. The crash of India in the world cup brought them down to their knees and senses. The Board is trying to play the hard ball by putting a cap on player advertisements. This also added to the problem.

It would be nice in the fitness of things that the Board hired some scriptwriter to pen the right scenes.

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