Friday, June 08, 2007


There is speculation in the media over the issue of putting a cap on player endorsements. After the dismal showing in the World Cup, a large section of the public felt that the players were spending too much time for the advertisements and hence, little could be devoted to honing the cricket skills. Further, the earnings of the players were also called into question.

With Sharad Pawar, the astute politician getting the support from characters like Lalit Modi, the BCCI took steps or rather plainly put, took ad hoc measures to curb public displeasure. The BCCI announced a limit or a cap on player endorsements so that the players would be forced to practice. In truth, these measures were simply announced to bring the players down to their knees.

The players on their part were predictably, angry given that the board infringed on their right to earn a living. Worse, the contracts were scrapped and there was no clarity on sharing between the players and the BCCI. It is to be realized that the players bring the money to the game and not the BCCI.

It is now reported that instead of putting a limit on the number of advertisements that a player can appear, there is to be a limit on the number of days a player can use for advertisements. Wonder, who is the wise guy behind all this?

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